10 things I hate about Instagram

Maybe the title is a bit brutal, but let's just say I'm not a fan of doing it for the gram. In the height of my issues with food, I made the fundamental mistake of following the gorgeous, famous and rich on Instagram, which only cranked up my anxiety. But aside from the endless posts... Continue Reading →

A thirst for life

One thing that I have struggled with during the ups and downs with my food related issues are drinks. There's nothing that seems more pointless to me than wasting precious calories on a drink when I could be cracking open a Diet Coke and using my saved calories on a snack. Calorie laden and sugar... Continue Reading →

the business of food in the workplace

Going for lunch with colleagues, dipping into the teams biscuit tin, or even going for a pint after a hard days work... these should all sound like fairly regular occurrences in the workplace. But for someone who has issues with food, or a disorder, it's a daily struggle. When you exercise strict control over your... Continue Reading →

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